Practice Areas

José Ramón Trigueros

Technological & Competitive Intelligence

Our team is experienced in using the technological and competitive intelligence as a business tool, providing our clients with a master key to build a strong IP strategy for the use of their intellectual property assets inside their business, and to buy, sell, license and transfer their IP to the correct partner.

Technological and competitive intelligence includes the search and analysis of patents, scientific and legal information that can be useful to create a commercial strategy for companies that wish to develop, acquire and/or transfer their technologies. Among the information that it can provide, is the following:

  • Where is a technology positioned among others within the field of interest?
  • In which countries that technology is being protected?
  • Who are the leaders (competitors/potential partners) in such technology? And what are they doing in this field?
  • Which are the top ten inventors/authors of that technology?
  • How will that technology behave through the years?

Our reports are tailor-made according to the needs of each of our clients in order for them to make informed business decisions about their technologies, preventing them from losing money and investing in redundant developments.