Administrative Law

José Ramón Trigueros

Sadara Montenegro

Administrative Law

Aware of the business opportunity that the government-society-company combination implies for our clients, we advise them and provide extensive support for bids, negotiations and the closing of contracts with the public sector. Our members include experts in different branches of the government.

We represent our clients before the different administrative authorities, taking advantage of all the legal tools to protect their interests, in procedures of administrative responsibility, verification/inspection visits, real estate regulation and land use, licenses, authorizations and any other type of interaction with government entities, before the three levels of government, until we have tried all the instances that should be reached for their adequate defense.

We have vast experience in the regulation framework of the Pharmaceutical Industry and Health Sciences, Food and Beverages, Transportation, Entertainment and Real Estate, among others; we have experienced staff to start and conclude administrative procedures related to our client’s businesses.