Practice Areas

Sadara Montenegro

Sports Law

We are the most specialized and qualified firm in Sports Law at a national level, which we have achieved not only through the academic training in prestigious universities that our attorneys have received, but also through professional experience. This has allowed us to know, in depth, the needs of our clients, both in terms of regulations that are applicable to them (public and private), as well as with respect to the technical regulations of sports, in all its modalities and specialties, its legal, administrative, operational and competitive processes.

We offer integral services, which include: providing legal advisory, managing procedures, developing, executing and negotiating all types of legal instruments and agreements, attending administrative, disciplinary and electoral procedures, as well as advising them on issues related to doping, professional sports and litigation.

Our clients are athletes, referees, coaches, federations, sports associations, authorities of physical culture and sports, sports promotion bodies, sponsors, sports promoters and any person linked to sports.