• Edgar Guadarrama

    Edgar is graduated from the School of Law at the Universidad la Salle, beginning his professional career in 2013 as an Intern in GP Abogados law firm, focused mainly on civil and commercial litigation, where he acquired extensive knowledge in these areas of law.

    He subsequently worked in the government sector, developing functions and acquiring knowledge at the H. Congreso de la Unión, Subdirección de Amparos, focused on issues related to Constitutional matters (Juicios de Amparo), Unconstitutional Actions and Constitutional Controversies.

    Working at Anima Estudios, he developed and acquired knowledge related to Corporate Law, Intellectual Property and Entertainment, Compliance and Due Dilligence matters.

    At Kunst und Recht Partners, our lawyer acquired knowledge focused on Civil and Administrative Litigation, as well as Immigration Law.

    Currently he continues to acquire knowledge in various courses taught by the Instituto Mexicano de la Propiedad Intelectual, as well as topics related to Copyright and Entertainment, Corporate and Inmigration Law.

    In Leyva, Montenegro, Trigueros Abogados S.C., is in charge of International Business, Corporate Governance, Compliance, Personal Data Protection and Privacy, Due diligence and Confidentiality, Inmigration Law, Foreign Investment and Labor Consulting.