Sports Law

In this technical and always changing field of law, we proudly represent sportsmen, trainers, directors, technicians, umpires, referees, judges, Sports Associations and Federations, Physical Culture and Sports authorities, Sports Organizations, sport promotion entities, sponsors, and sports promoters.

We provide our clients with preventive and corrective strategic actions and advice on the execution of all types of legal instrument and agreements, as well as on its negotiation.

We have been recognized by all players in the field as the top Firm in this area of law at the domestic level, participating in research and academic investigation as well as in newspapers and news programs as legal specialists in Sports Law.

Our services comprise but are not limited to:

• Audits in accordance with the National Legislation.
• Constitution, management, and follow up (corporate and operational) of Sport Associations and Federations.
• Procedures before Sports Authorities, agencies, Associations, Federations and Sports International Entities.
• Preparation of By-Laws and Regulatory Standards.
• Sports Agreements.
• Sports Electoral Processes.
• Prevention against the use of prohibited substances and non-regulated methods in sports (doping), as well as domestic and international litigation.
• Image, television broadcasting and ambush marketing rights.
• Sports controversies
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