Intellectual Property

The Firm has lawyers devoted to the protection of intellectual rights, as well as for the prevention of intellectual property infringement, with a broad experience in this area of law and focused on rendering efficient and effective services to micro, small, and medium companies or to international level corporations.We do not allow to be overwhelmed by new times. We prepare, continue investigating and learning day by day, to offer our services in an assertive and timely manner. The above has enabled us to render our services in the competitive pharmaceutical industry, in which we are proud to represent worldwide clients of the highest level.

Our recognized quality has led us to complement educational programs in various universities and companies, for the protection of research and development carried out in specialized centers and for the defense of inventions in most areas of production, from the IT industry to the entertainment industry.Should our services be required in relation to Copyrights or Industrial Property, please take a minute to visit our website or contact us directly at: or

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