Protecting and managing literary and artistic works is the first step for an adequate revenue generation program. To this respect, we put our broad experience in this matter at your disposal with the purpose of facilitate and achieve an appropriate and successful registration and management of IP assets. Nevertheless, it is important to mention that our costs are reasonable and competitive, especially for the small and medium companies.Value generation is an area that authors and artists must not overlook. Revenue generation requires specialized knowledge in matters concerning licenses and the preparation of contracts or agreements of high technical/legal level.

In this area, we represent several sports federations, companies and individuals with respect to projects concerning licenses and revenue generation for intangible assets. Regarding software, computer programs and systems, we have represented a number of companies both for the acquisition of licenses and for the granting of licenses for IT products.We specialize on judicial, administrative and arbitration procedures regarding Copyrights, offering to our clients an integral advice service, including the protection of intangible assets against imitators and pirates.

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